Why do we place…

Why do we place responsibility in the hands of politicians? Why do we expect that they can (and will) effect change in any positive way? When did the artist–the musician, writer, philosopher, teacher–lose power? When will the citizenry of humanity realize that man does not need to be governed, but rather inspired?


One thought on “Why do we place…

  1. Cos’ the human nature is being and living in a crowd. He is mainly not an individual being. A rare (say irreal) exeptions are trying to outbreak from the overall known, common world with no or very little change. And it’s easier than to fight or to try a risky action for no reason sometimes. That’s the world so far-rolling & rolling & rolling through milleniums, ages,..say nothing. We’re just micro tinny (invisible)dots on the surface of a tinny world-our earth. But some of us have a courage to go fur-there, to change the allmighty, the allknown… It’s not common to create…

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