Thoughts for today.

Evil is winning. It is in the hearts of our leaders; it is flirted with by our celebrities. It drives central components of our societies and economies, and it laughs heartily. It is a master of disguise, and is adept at seduction, oratory and charm. However, it will not prevail. And how should this be? Because its enemy is love. Love, as we are reminded, is patient. Love is kind. Love is not callous, nor is it jealous. Therefore, it will not give up. It will not fight with hatred. It will be understanding, it will wait, and it does not need the limelight. It may be ragged and wounded on its day of victory, but it will stand victorious nonetheless. So go out and seek love. Not sex, not lust, not infatuation, not conspicuous ‘philanthropy’ or a (conspicuously) vocal reaction to scenes of evil: seek love. If you don’t know where to find it, I can offer suggestions based on experience. Look in nature. Look in the love of your parents. Listen for it in the laughter–and the wisdom–of a child. Read it in the words of the great novels and poems. Digest it through the words of the philosophers. Live it through music. And above all, feel it–it is in you at all times, in every cell of your body. Be patient, be kind, be understanding, be compassionate, be hungry for a healthy humanity–and you will find love.